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Entry six: This is still the the not about page, it shall always remain so. Rantz is still slack in updating the information here. He’s made yet another promise to update it again.
— 3bF: @ broken hill – 23 Aug 2015

Entry five: This is about the not about page, it is. Rantz is rather slack in updating the information here. He’s made a promise to update it again. Regularly. He also promised to visit me in Alice Springs. That was in 2007. He visited and didn’t make contact. Not a word.
— 3bF: @ lasseters – 23 Apr 2014

Entry four: This is definitely the not about page, is it not?  Rantz was going to visit, now he’s not.  What’s the go with that?
— 3bF: @ anzac hill – 23 May 2008

Entry three: This is not the about page. Is it? If it were, it might just explain why Rantz was in Alice and 3bF got nary a peep. Rude. Extremely.
— 3bF: @ anzac hill – 23 Nov 2007

Entry two: Is this the not about page? Couldn’t be, it’s about *stuff*. What kind of stuff is not really knowable, but stuff nonetheless. It’s not about Steve Irwin. It’s not about Darwin – up there in the “Top End”. Makes us sheep all sticky hot up that way: give me a home near the Gap please, among the gum trees, with lots of rum please.
— 3bF: @ the gap – 23 Sep 2006

Entry one: This is the not about page. It’s not about anything. Or is it? Have you ever read Stone by Adam Roberts? You probably should. Quantum and that. Ethics: interesting in theory, innit? More interesting, innit just, how those who claim to be ethical are usually in it for their own good. mmhmmm. Me mum said stop, you better shop around. So I stopped and now I’m shopping around. Or am I?
— 3bF: @ the gap – 23 Aug 2006

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