Rantz – aka Charles – died on Thursday 20 October 2022 after an intense battle with pancreatic cancer. Charles had the support of many people at home in Melbourne and around the world. He died, as he wished, at home surrounded by a few close and dear friends.


His favourite tree here in Royal Park, Melbourne.

We are glad he is no longer in pain and distress.

He decreed there would be “no service of any kind”. He did, however, allow his ashes to be mixed with biodegradable glitter (of course!) scattered around his favourite tree here in Royal Park. A picture of his resting place is below.

He loved photography, debate, controversy, cycling, nature, gardening and more… and he applied his enthusiasm, commitment, intelligence and wit to all that. This website was part of what he loved to do. Thank you for visiting, contributing and connecting with Rantz/Charles.s

We miss him in so many ways – most of all his presence in this world.


If you would like to let me know about your connection with Rantz/Charles, please contact me at vLsinnott[at]gmail.com




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